Antisemitism is being touted as a virtue. Being against Israel and against Jewish people is being likened to being against the police. Somehow #blacklivesmatter and #palestinianlivesmatter have been conflated and now it’s a fight for the people.  The irony there is that it’s the Jewish and Black struggle throughout history that have shared so much, and why MLK was so close with so many Jews who supported his movement. 

This is frighteningly similar to Germany circa 1935 which as we know led to 6 million Jews being slaughtered. That of course simply began with regular every day Germans starting to turn on their friends and buying into that the Jews were both simultaneously weak like vermin, but at the same time powerful and a threat – as Hitler said; make up a lie, make it simple, and keep repeating it and everyone will believe it.  

Just down the block from me people in keffiyeh’s ran up to a Jewish kid who was just eating sushi and started beating him and he’s now in a coma. This is happening all over the world of course, but it gets more frightening as it gets closer and closer. 

The scary thing is I don’t hear people yelling peace! Or two state solution or even something against Israeli Govt or Israel who’s dealing with 3,700+ rockets being shot at them, but these people around the world are yelling to “kill the Jews”, whomever says Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism aren’t one in the same isn’t listening to the people and must just be closing their eyes and ears. 

MLK was and will remain to have been correct. #AntiZionism-is-AntiSemitism.