We have never heard something like this in the Jewish music scene and we have heard everything by now! Country artist and native Texan Joe Buchanan just released his second album, BACK FROM BABYLON. This is what you would imagine if Duane Allman converted and made an Americana record full of twang and depth. Buchanan’s “Mountain Niggun” has a very Phish feel, in the best way. It’s a relaxed, light mix of traditional with guitar and drum, possibly country western standard. He sings with a playful certainty, and creates a tune that’s easy to travel with, makes us feel like we are on a road trip. “Driftwood” is a hard hitting country record that jumps out as a fun single that could convert anyone to country music and maybe even Judaism. Meanwhile, “Better Together” features Carly Abramson who often performs with Buchanan live and they capture a unique Lady Antebellum vibe.

Buchanan’s story is as fresh and inspiring as his sound; built on spiritual stories of antiquity, brought into his own story of finding himself and life’s purpose, all while sounding as if Duane Allman was there to help craft it all.

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