I love writing, I love making music and I dig it when people dig into either, but speaking in public or doing interviews I generally shy away from, but when Rabbi Peretz asked me to be a guest on his Podcast before Rosh Hashana to talk about Don’t Block Your Blessings and the Light of Infinite.. I’m actually glad I agreed!✨

And only Rabbi Peretz could have gotten all these stories out of me;) Go listen to the reasons behind everything that I do. He’s such an epic and inspiring being so really it was fun to finally say yes to being a guest. His Don’t Block Your Blessings video (here) is still one of my favorites, full of so much truth and wisdom, I’ve rewatched it so many times!

Anyway, go and listen to the Rabbi Peretz Podcast for the “Don’t Block Your Blessings” episode (74) on Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud now – soundcloud.com/rabbiperetz

Rabbi Peretz Podcast · 74. Don't Block Your Blessings with Erez Safar

In the words of Rabbi Peretz: A blessing is when you open the portal for the goodness that is destined for you. With the new year here, simplify your life, articulate your good habits, allow your destiny to manifest.

When negative things happen in your life, it can restrain the flow and your ability to be happy and prosperous. Step one, simplify your approach. The antidote reinforces your good habits, creating a simple pathway to your heart that wants you to pump vitality out to the world and integrate energy into your being.

My last podcast is about this topic with Erez Safar, where we discuss his initiative @dontblockyourblessings & @thelightofinfinite.

This year let us return to our essence, the desire to live with purpose.✨