img_4035We are loving Eric and Happie’s debut album ‘It’s Yours’! It was just released to the world, and it’s already hit #13 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart!

Eric and Happie might be new to the music world, but their songs and relationship introduce a love that never gets old. Happie Hoffman is a Tennessee southern girl from four generations of Memphians and met Eric Hunker in 2008 at a Jewish Summer Camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. There was only one issue; Eric was her counselor. As time passed, the two began running musical programs at Summer camps. Years later they started dating (don’t worry, they’re only three years apart) after everyone but themselves knew that they “liked” each other. Although summer ended, dating, exploration, and youth are all topics that bleed into their music, seamlessly sharing their youthful love.

Eric, on the other hand, is from the DMV (DC, MD, VA) and started making music at ten years old, when he recorded his first demo, “High Voltage.” Reminiscing, Eric has said, “Looking back, I think I was cooler back then. I think I was inspired by the idea that life as a musician meant a life of adventure, almost like a modern day wizard – conjuring something out of nothing. The same idea still inspires me. The idea that when you’re creating music, you’re bringing something new into the world. That still blows my mind.”

The two met 8 years ago, and 5 years later became a couple, writing lines that bring to mind Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. In songs like “It’s Yours”, the lyrics depict classic old country romance, “If there’s any love left in these old bones of mine, it’s yours”, the couple truly convey being wise beyond their years. The EP’s title track is Happie’s favorite, “It speaks to so many people and so many couples when they hear it.” she stated, “It’s the idea of dedicating yourself to someone, even after having been in other, very real relationships before.” For the traveller at heart, songs Like Louisiana and Oklahoma will hit close to home no matter where you are from.

Eric and Happie’s debut album, “It’s Yours” was recorded over the course of a year at studio/animal sanctuary – Mockingbird Studios in Byron, NY. The album highlights the honest weight of love and with a sound reminiscent of Tennis meets The Strumbellas, and a bit of The Civil Wars, their harmonies and song titles might make you jealous of a millennial heart, impossible to attain.

#13 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Chart: