In the words of @henmazzig, “Israelis and Palestinians are so wounded. We have two choices: we can either recognize our shared humanity and stitch each other up, or we can bleed it out.”

But just to give some perspective from the minority, Jews in a sea of a majority non-Jews, imagine if Hamas – backed and funded by Iran – shot one rocket into Washington, D.C..

Well, they have shot over 3,700 rockets from the Gaza Strip to my family and civilian areas all over Israel over the last few days. Of the 3,700 some 540 failed and fell back on Gaza and the Iron Dome intercepted some 1,150 rockets, thank God. 

Last night Hamas rockets which were launched towards Israel fell short of their target, taking out three electricity lines instead, which led to 250,000 Gazans losing their electricity. The electricity lines were among ten provided by Israel to help increase Gaza electricity. Now wait for the humanitarian complaint of lack of electricity.