Am Yisrael Chai Semitic Sudra/Keffiyeh – BLUE / White LONG TIE (10 year anniversary!)


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THE SEMITIC KEFFIYEH LONG TIE 30″ x 70″ is a special for our 10th year anniversary, and we are super excited to present the 7th design of our Semitic Sudra/Keffiyeh. Designed by Boruch Chertok, this latest limited edition features smaller blue & white Stars of David, and the signature interwoven Am Yisrael Chai in Hebrew.

This limited edition also features a Hamsa with the Hebrew words Chai and Mazel Tov interwoven into the fabric. The sudra/keffiyeh is 100% cotton and measures 30″ x 70″. A stylish way to express your Semitic pride, fusing iconic imagery with modern design.