Tallit Gadol ‘Am Yisrael Chai’ (Black & Grey)



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ℂ – available in our original Am Yisrael Chai blue & white, our new blue & white mosaic edition and by popular demand, black & grey! 

This striking Am Israel Chai tallit is hand sewn using Israeli Sudras as the base fabric which makes for the perfect gift for the spiritual Semitic blending a fresh new fashion spin on an ancient tradition. 

The garment is partially lined which reinforces corners and each garment comes with 100% Kosher Wool Tzitzit, also available with Tchelet & Rambam tie. 

100% cotton,  72″ x 60″

Note: This custom made talis is made from your icon Semitic Sudra/Keffiyeh. Sewn from multiple sudra/keffiyehs, partly lined with hand sewn eyelids holes with Kosher wool tzitzis. Available in both Ashkenazi, Safardi, and Rambam knotted tzitzit as well as tchelet. Please allow a few weeks for production of the garment and tying of the tzitzit

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Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet RAMBAM knitted tzitzit + $75