Tallit Gadol ‘Am Yisrael Chai’ (Blue & White) [MOSIAC]



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This striking Blue and White Am Israel Chai tallit is one of the most uniquely meaningful tallitot ever made. The garment is crafted by our Dveykus team using Semitic Scarves as the base fabric which makes for an extraordinary spiritual experience. The garment is partially lined which reinforces corners and each garment comes with 100% Kosher Wool Tzitzis. The tallit makes for a perfect Bar Mitzvah gift, sparking a lively discourse with people of all ages.

100% cotton,  72″ x 61″

Note: This custom made talis is made from your icon Semitic Sudra/Keffiyeh. Sewn from multiple sudra/keffiyehs, partly lined with hand sewn eyelids holes with Kosher wool tzitzis. Available in both Ashkenazi & Safardi knotted tzitzis. Please allow a few weeks for production of the garment and tying of the tzitzit

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Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Ashkenazi knotted tzitzis + $0, Tchelet Safardi knotted tzitzis + $0 , Tchelet RAMBAM knitted tzitzit + $75