Passover Volume One is Free(dom) and just in time for Passover, you can feel the freedom with a little help from our friends.This all-star album explores freedom on all levels – from Y-Love & Yuri Lane’s accapella and beat box tracks, to Darshan’s rap, “I new this one kid, from back in the day….” to Mikey Pauker bringing ‘The Light” and the more contemplative ‘So Decide’ by Shtar and of course ‘Avadim Hayinu’ (We were once slaves) by Vokcal. Songs on this free compilation mix traditional sources with modern sounds and stories.


1.Y-Love & Yuri Lane – Watch

2.Shtar – So Decide (Passover Freedom Song)

3.VokCal – Avadim Hayinu

4.Mikey Pauker – The Light (ft. Y-Love, Prod. Diwon)

5.Darshan – Chad Gadya

חד גדיא6.Y-Love & Yuri Lane – Next Pesach in Jerusalem

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